Continuing Education Courses Available

Navigating Professional Waters: Mastering Crucial Conversations, Fostering Proactive Conflict Resolution & Cultivating Career Growth

Led by Dr. Cassie Briggs, an established conservation biologist and certified professional development coach, this workshop offers a comprehensive exploration of communication techniques tailored to high-stakes situations encountered in professional settings and conservation work. Participants will learn the art of steering conversations toward constructive outcomes, effective approaches to giving and receiving feedback, and clarify metrics to maximize their professional success, the success of their teams, and of larger conservation initiatives.
The workshop will be held at the Kellogg Center on Wednesday, March 20 from 1-4pm. Registration for the workshop is available through the conference registration portal ( and attendance at the meeting is not required to participate in the workshop. A block of rooms is also available for workshop participates arriving the day prior, using the code 2403AMERIC.
Workshop fees are $20 for students, $70 for MIAFS members, and $100 for non-members. 
More information can be found HERE.

Freshwater Mussel Identification Certification

A Freshwater Mussel Identification Certification will also be offered at the annual conference. To sign up, click on the registration link that can be found in the below linked PDF. Please sign up no later than March 15. Additional opportunities to take the test in 2024 will be made available over the next month.

Mussel-Certification.pdf (


Additional Courses

Additional courses to be on the lookout for 2024 include Fish Aging in July at MSU, and Aquatic Plant Identification (TBD).


Webinar Series

Also new in 2024 is the Michigan AFS Committee Webinar Series.  This series runs January-March 2024 and again October-December in an effort to highlight information from our committees.  Be on the lookout for announcements this fall for this series.  The following have been presented in the Jan-Mar series:

January: Jason Gostiaux (DNR) presented for the Percid Committee, 

February: Emily Dean (USGS) from EOS, and Tracy Galarowicz (CMU), Dana Castle, Kynzie House, Lydia Doerr (DNR), among others presented for the DEIJB Committee 

March: Brandon Armstrong presented for the Water Quality Committee.

 Want a say or more information about what is happening with CE?  Fill out this google form ( or email Stacey Ireland or Dan Traynor.  We are always looking for ideas from our membership!