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Introduction to Knots and Ropework Workshop

Course Description: Introduction to Knots and Ropework is an introductory level workshop that will focus on the fundamentals of using rope/line and knots, primarily in a marine setting. The workshop will have a short lecture followed by hands-on instruction in small groups. Some of the topics covered in the workshop will be:
1. Advantages and disadvantages of common materials used to make rope
2. Proper terminology for parts of rope and line
3. How to determine the proper line for specific tasks onboard a vessel
4. The proper care, storage, and handling of boat lines
5. How to tie and utilize several of the most common knots in fisheries/marine work
6. How to fid hollow core braided line
7. Other tips and tricks from “the experts”!

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Mussel Identification Test

Freshwater mussels are one of the most imperiled faunas in the world as well as notoriously challenging to identify. There are multiple ways these animals are protected under state and federal statute. As a result, this leads to additional scrutiny for those interested in handling freshwater mussels. To help individuals explicitly show their competencies with handling these organisms, a mussel identification test was developed.

Who needs to be certified? Beginning in 2024, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Division will only issue Scientific Collectors Permits to contactors who are certified in Michigan Freshwater Mussel Identification. To be certified means the person has successfully passed the Michigan Freshwater Mussel Identification Test. “Contractors” are defined as an individual or company hired to conduct freshwater mussel surveys within the State of Michigan. If the contractor holds an Ohio Freshwater Mussel Certification, that can be submitted with the Scientific Collectors Permit application in lieu of the Michigan certification. Contractors (or subcontractors) will need at least one person in their field unit that is certified in freshwater mussel identification.

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Safety in the Field 

Through this course you will learn the basics of preparing for and remaining safe during fieldwork. This will include the creation of a field safety plan, what to bring with you in the field, boat, and snowmobile safety, considerations for DEI and more!

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Database Management

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Please contact Stacey Ireland or Dan Traynor if you are interested in organizing a course.