Best Student Poster Recipients

2019:John Whitinger, Northern Michigan University, Characterizing the food web of Little Bay de Noc using stable isotope analysis.

2018: John Larson Jr., Lake Superior State University, A comparison of larval fish assemblages at three sites in the St. Marys River, Michigan.

2017: Courtney Steinmetz, Lake Superior State University, Preliminary investigation into the effect of microbeads on growth of juvenile Atlantic Salmon.

2016: Austin Wenke, Lake Superior State University, Changes in stream biota and habitat following a perched culvert replacement in John’s Creek, MI.

2015: Brandon Harris, Grand Valley State University, Population status of lake sturgeon in the Muskegon River.

2014: Jimmy Osga, Lake Superior State University, Spatial distribution of adult sea lamprey in the St. Marys River.

2012: Emily Bouckaert, Michigan Technological University, The detection of larval lake sturgeon near a coal clinker reef in the St. Clair River, Michigan.

2011: Rob Cross, Lake Superior State University, Dam it: The role of barriers in protecting native fish communities from upstream invasions.

2010: Jessica Kosiara, Lake Superior State University, Disturbance of benthic algae by spawning Pacific salmon in Thompson Creek, MI

2009: Tyler Buchinger, Lake Superior State University, Localization of the retentive and spawning behavior-inducing components of the male sea lamprey (Petromyzonmarinus) mating pheromone.

2008: Ryan Namespetra, Lake Superior State University, Chemical repellents as a possible management tool for sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) in the Great Lakes.