Midwest Fish and Wildlife Student Travel Grant

Purpose: To financially assist students who might not otherwise be able to attend the meeting. Established 1993.

Description: A grant of $100 from the North Central Division (Joan Duffy Student Travel Award) and $500 from the Michigan Chapter.

Eligibility criteria: The recipient of this award must be someone who is currently enrolled for a degree program at a Michigan college or university.

Documentation required: An application letter from the student nominee that includes: student’s name, address, telephone number, educational institution, department, degree level, and reasons for wishing to attend the meeting (paper presentation, pertinent paper session, subunit business and/or technical meetings),and reasons why financial assistance is needed.

Selection criteria: The committee will evaluate the nominee or nominees based on the following criteria (numerical values may be assigned):  (1) AFS involvement (reasons for attending the meeting), and (2) Financial need.

Frequency of Award: The committee will select one attendee each year.

Deadline: The deadline for receipt of completed application forms by the chair of the Student Concerns Committee. Members can be found here. The deadline to submit is January 9th, 2023.

Nominations will be forwarded to the Chair of the NCD Student Affairs Committee by the chapter president. The NCD will match up to $100 with the Joan Duffy Student Travel Award at their annual business meeting held during the Midwest Fisheries and Wildlife Conference.