AFS Annual Meeting Travel Grant

Purpose: To financially assist students who might not otherwise be able to attend the Society Annual meeting in August each year. Established March 5, 2002.

Description: Up to two awards of $1,000 from the Michigan Chapter.

Eligibility criteria: The recipient of this award must be someone who is currently enrolled in a degree program at a Michigan college or university.

Documentation required: An application letter from the student nominee that includes: student’s name, address, telephone number, educational institution, department, degree level, reasons for wishing to attend the meeting, and reasons why financial assistance is needed.

Selection criteria: The committee will evaluate the nominee or nominees based on the following criteria (numerical values may be assigned):  (1) AFS involvement (reasons for attending the meeting) and (2) Financial need.

Frequency of Award: The Student Concerns Committee will select one attendee each year.

Deadline: Please submit completed applications by May 30, 2023 to the Student Concerns Committee Chairs. Members can be found here.

Notification: Selections will be forwarded to the Chapter president and the secretary-treasurer for notification. The secretary-treasurer will provide award directly to the selected recipients.