Best Student Paper Recipients

2019: Nicole Watson, Michigan State University, Michigan Arctic Grayling reintroduction: A New Hope.

2018: Christopher Adams, Michigan Technological University, Pilgrim River Brook Trout Movement and Survival Study.

2017: Andrew Carlson, Michigan State University, In the footsteps of a heroine: honoring Janice Lee Fenske’s trout management legacy.

2016: Eric Calabro, Central Michigan University, Effectiveness of critical lake trout and coregonid reef spawning habitat restoration in northern Lake Michigan: Mitigating environmental and invasive egg predator impacts.

2015: Seth Herbst, Michigan State University, A state-space model for estimating walleye spatial structure in Michigan’s Inland Waterway.

2014: Tyler Buchinger, Michigan State University, Investigation of olfactory cues used by lake trout during reproduction.

2012: Chiara Zuccarino-Crowe, Michigan State University, Lake trout refuge effects on select fish species in the Apostle Islands region, Lake Superior.

2011: Kyle Battige, University of Michigan, Modeling Spawning Habitat in Green Bay Muskellunge.

2010: Jessica Sherman, Central Michigan University, What defines a refuge for unionids from dreissenid mussels (Dreissena polymorpha and D. bugensis) in Great Lakes coastal wetlands?

2009: James Roberts, University of Michigan, Implications of hypoxia for yellow perch habitat quality in Lake Erie’s central basin: a spatially-explicit bioenergetics modeling approach.

2008: Scott Collins, Lake Superior State University, Effects of spawning Pacific salmon (Onchorynchus spp.) on water chemistry and algal biomass in three Upper Peninsula streams.

2007: Matthew Breen, Grand Valley State University, Relocation of PIT-tagged mottled sculpins: evaluating diel and seasonal recapture probabilities in a small Michigan stream.

2006: Benjamin Rook, Lake Superior State University, Thiamine status of St. Mary’s River Atlantic salmon.

2005: Bryan Burroughs, Michigan State University, Changes in fish distribution following the removal of Stronach Dam.

2004: Anthony Kennedy, Lake Superior State University, Population characteristics and migratory dynamics of pink salmon in U.S. waters of the St. Marys River, 1998 – 2002.

2003: Dan O’Keefe, Michigan State University, River redhorse (Moxostoma carinatum) in Michigan: identification techniques, range, spawning habits, and threats to survival.

2002: Brad Thompson, Michigan State University, Modeling age-1 juvenile steelhead growth in Michigan.

2001: Amy Derosier, Michigan State University, Investigations of age-0 sea lamprey ecology

2000: Meredith Bartron, Michigan State University, Genetic variation of Lake Michigan fall run steelhead.

1999: Jesse Granet, Central Michigan University, Abundance, distribution, and mortality of yellow perch larvae in northeastern Lake Michigan.

1998: Dan Swallow, Central Michigan University, Effect of sediment basins on primary productivity and stream invertebrate communities.