Continuing Education

Visit here for continuing education news and future courses. Courses that have been offered recently include Identifying Fish Remains Using Cleithra, Freshwater Mussel Identification, Aquatic Plant Identification, Stream Restoration at Channel Crossings, Intro to ArcGIS 10 for Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences, Nongame Fish Identification, Introduction to Larval Fish Sampling, Identification, and Taxonomy, Statistical Aspects of Sampling Freshwater Fish Populations and Habitats, and Fisheries Gear for Students and Young Professionals.

One of the most important functions of the Society and the Chapter is the maintenance and enhancement of the technical, professional, and administrative knowledge and skills of our members. Providing continuing education opportunities helps to meet this goal. The Continuing Education Committee is charged with the task of developing continuing education activities, and encourages individuals and subunits to develop course proposals for approval. The Committee must approve all continuing education courses or activities sponsored by the American Fisheries Society

For more detailed information visit the Parent Society web page:

    • As of 2008, there are no longer any additional fees for students or professionals to receive credit for continuing education courses sponsored by the Society or Chapter. The previous ACE transcript service is no longer used. For students, a transcript can be requested through the Parent Society upon completion of an approved continuing education course. For any professionals completing a course, the continuing education credits received can be used for professional certification. For more information contact Beverly Pike.
    • If you have a specific interest in a course that you would like to see offered please email MI AFS Continuing Education Chair Dan Traynor.