Awards Committee


  • To select recipients for the Chapter’s awards and nominate these individuals (or other Chapter members) for regional and national awards, and
  • Consider and recommend to the Executive Committee and Chapter additional awards of excellence

A Chair plus at least three or four committee members for each Chapter award.

Current Chair:
Dana Castle

Chair Duties:

  1. Direct and oversee the selection of award recipients.
  2. Charge committee members to solicit or select outstanding society members for the Chapter’s awards.
  3. Ensure that all deadlines are met in the selection process and that awards are made at the scheduled times.
  4. Nominate Chapter award recipients for regional and national honors when appropriate.
  5. Present the award, along with appropriate plaques and monetary award, to the awardee.
  6. Evaluate proposals for new awards and make written recommendations to the Executive Committee for further action.

Committee Duties:

  1. Serve on a subcommittee for a Chapter Award.
  2. Prepare announcements soliciting nominations which are to be printed in the newsletter.
  3. Develop and implement a method for selecting an awardee from among the candidates submitted to the committee.
  4. Convey, in writing, the name of the awardee to the Chair of the Awards Committee.

The selection of recipients is a confidential process. Committee members may not discuss the individuals nominated for awards or the rankings with anyone other than committee members responsible for the specific award. The name of award designees must be kept confidential until presentation of the award.

The Chapter currently selects recipients for the Justin W. Leonard Award of Excellence and the Albert S. Hazzard Award. Descriptions of the purpose, award, eligibility and selection criteria, frequency of award, and committee compositions are described under Awards.