Grayling Award

Past Award Recipients

Purpose: To recognize outstanding contribution(s) to Michigan’s fishery related resources, to Michigan’s fishery profession, or to the Michigan Chapter by a person, industry, agency, or organization. Established March 7, 1997.

Description: An award plaque of appropriate design, engraved with the name of the recipient, is to be presented at the annual meeting.

Eligibility criteria: Candidates for the award can be any person, industry, agency, or organization.

Selection criteria: The Awards Committee will evaluate the nominee or nominees based on the significance of the contribution to fishery related resources, to the fishery profession, or to the Michigan Chapter. Attention should be paid to the relevance of the work to a specific current problem in the Great Lakes or inland waters of Michigan. A written nomination stating the name of the person(s)/industry/agency/organization and the reason(s) for why the candidate should be selected for the award shall be submitted by any member of the Michigan Chapter.

Deadline: The deadline for submitting written nominations shall be two months prior to the annual meeting.

Frequency of Award: The Award can be made annually. The committee may elect to omit selection of a recipient if there are no nominations or outstanding nominees that year. The committee is the same as that selected for the Justin Leonard Award.