Continuing Education Annual Update

CE 2023 Update

01 March 2024

 Introduction to Knots and Ropework Work, instructed by Stacey Ireland and Robin DeBruyne (USGS) and Brad Utrup, Lydia Doerr, and Dan Traynor (DNR), was held at the Michigan Chapter Annual Meeting on 22 March 2023 in Bellaire, Michigan.  This course drew 15 participants composed mainly of students, and provided a brief presentation followed by hands-on lessons for many knots commonly used in fisheries.


Introduction to Database Design and Management, instructed by Dr. Daniel B. Hayes (MSU), was a multi-week workshop offered on zoom aimed to introduce attendees to practical aspects of data management through hands-on experience as well as reviewing ways of summarizing data and doing exploratory data analysis.  This course drew 21 attendees including 3 students.

Multiple courses spanning a variety of subjects were offered at the AFS Meeting, 19-20 August 2023 in Grand Rapids Michigan.  Courses included Bayesian I & II: Introductory Bayesian Inference with JAGS for Fish Biologists, Introductory and Advanced GIS for Fisheries Biologists, How To Run Citizen Science Projects with Anglers, Student Writing Workshop, Scientific Writing in English for non-native Speakers, Database Concepts, Design, and Application in Wildlife and Fisheries Science, Fish Printing Workshop, Aquatic Plant Identification, and Informing Fisheries Management with Individual-Based Models in R: Design, Implementation, and Analysis. 

MIAFS continues to hold 25% of all workshop seats for free student registrations and awards the top applicants with a travel grant.  Application instructions are included with all workshop announcements.  This program is underutilized so if you’re a student consider applying for free registration! 

Continuing Education has been busy preparing for the 2024 calendar year.

Navigating Professional Waters: Mastering Crucial Conversations, Fostering Proactive Conflict Resolution & Cultivating Career Growth will be instructed by Dr Cassie Briggs CPCC (Success in Science Career Coaching) at the annual Michigan AFS Conference at the Kellogg Center in East Lansing on 20 March 2024. Registration is still open!  Please visit to register for this workshop.  Workshop fees are $20 for students, $70 for MIAFS members, and $100 for non-members.

A Freshwater Mussel Identification Certification will also be offered at the annual conference. To sign up, click on the registration link that can be found in the linked PDF (Mussel-Certification.pdf ( Please sign up no later than March 15. Additional opportunities to take the test in 2024 will be made available over the next month.