Financial Goals


The Michigan Chapter of the American Fisheries Society is a not-for-profit organization.  Funds are accrued by collecting dues, meeting registration fees, and by maintaining interest-bearing savings and checking accounts.  The Secretary-Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the Chapter financial reports, making payments as directed by the President, and collecting member dues not collected by AFS.  The Chapter began utilizing the AFS system of dues collection in 1988.  Under this system, the Society office collects Chapter dues along with regular AFS annual dues and reimburses the Chapters on a quarterly basis.

The Chapter utilizes its financial resources to provide services to the membership, assist the Society in realizing its goals, and support worthy endeavors by other groups or agencies that promote fisheries in the State.  Examples of disbursements by the Chapter include the Equal Opportunities Section travel grant, various student travel grants to Chapter, Society, and Midwest meetings, student member scholarships to continuing education courses, Chapter awards, donations to the Skinner Fund for student travel to AFS meetings, the Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Program, and financial assistance for professional meetings such as the Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference.

All requests for funds from the Chapter will be reviewed by the Executive Committee and, when appropriate, brought before the membership at a business meeting.  Requests for amounts of $250 or less can be approved by the Executive Committee at a scheduled Committee meeting or by telephone.  Standing requests (newsletter, directory, meetings) can be approved by the Executive Committee.