Best Student Paper

Purpose: To recognize an outstanding student paper in fisheries or aquatic biology presented at the Annual meeting of the American Fisheries Society-Michigan Chapter. Established March 7, 1997.

Description: A certificate signed by the chapter president and a $100 award to be mailed after the meeting.

Eligibility criteria: A student must be a member of the Michigan Chapter of the American Fisheries Society to be eligible for this award.  Student papers must be presented at the annual Michigan Chapter meeting.  The award will be announced following the meeting.

Selection criteria: Three judges will be selected for each meeting and will be given a score sheet for the evaluation of the student papers.  Based on all the returned score sheets, the highest overall score will decide on the awardee.  In the case of a tie, a decision will be made by the committee and the judges.

Frequency of Award: The award should be made yearly.  The committee may elect to omit selection of a Best Student Paper Award recipient if there are no outstanding nominees that year.