Student Concerns Committee

To make recommendations and provide reports to the Chapter concerning needs in higher education for the training and placement of fisheries biologists, to actively recruit student membership and participation in the Chapter, and to oversee student travel awards.
The Committee shall be composed of a Chair appointed by the President for a term of two years plus members appointed annually by the President in consultation with the Chair.

Current Chair: Jennifer Johnson (Past-President)
Sarah Naughtin (Michigan State University Representative)

Taylor Gross (Lake State University Representative – Voting Member)


  1. Encourage communication among students interested in fisheries at institutions of higher learning in Michigan.
  2. Determine the views of students relative to their professional training by conducting surveys, for example, and considering resolutions.
  3. Present views of the committee to the Chapter membership, such as reports on the status of graduate education in fisheries biology in the State of Michigan.
  4. Prepare periodic educational and employment profiles of fisheries biologists.
  5. Recognize those who provide outstanding instruction in fisheries biology.
  6. Publicize and oversee student travel awards.