Hazzard Award

Past Award Recipients

Purpose:To recognize excellence in student research in fisheries or aquatic biology at a college or university in Michigan. The award is named in honor of Dr. Albert S. Hazzard (1901-1979).

Description:A certificate of appropriate design signed by the chapter president, and a cash award of one hundred dollars is to be presented at the annual spring meeting of the Chapter.

Eligibility criteria:The recipient of this award must be someone who is devoting his or her major efforts to a formal program of undergraduate or graduate studies at a Michigan college or university, or has satisfactorily completed a thesis or dissertation defense at such an institution within the calendar year preceding the annual spring meeting. Final selection of a candidate for the award by the committee will be based on favorable review of a formal written presentation of new and original research completed by the student. The student’s document may be a typed report, thesis, dissertation, or published paper. The student must either be sole author, or senior author when no other student is a junior author.

Documentation required:An application letter with three copies of the student’s research document should be supplied to the committee. One copy is sufficient if the document is either a thesis or dissertation or if the department chair nominates the student for the award and certifies, by his or her signature on the application letter, that the criteria for eligibility have been met. The application letter also should include the name, address, phone number, college or university, and department of the award candidate, in addition to the title of the student’s research document.

Selection criteria:The committee will evaluate the nominee or nominees based on the following criteria (numerical values may be assigned):

  1. Soundness of research concept.
  2. Originality in field or lab execution.
  3. Adequacy and completeness of data analysis and discussion of relevant literature.
  4. Clarity of written presentation, tables, and figures.
  5. Significance of the work as a contribution to fisheries science or aquatic biology in general.
  6. Relevance of the work to a specific current problem in the Great Lakes or inland waters of Michigan.

Frequency of Award:The committee may elect to omit selection of a Hazzard Award recipient if there are no outstanding nominees that year.

Deadline:The deadline for receipt of completed application forms and student research documents by the chair of the Student Award Subcommittee is January 15.

The Albert S. Hazzard Award Committee:This committee shall be a subcommittee of the Awards Committee and consist of the Awards Chair and up to three committee members. The committee shall be appointed by the Awards Committee Chair or the Chapter President, and shall serve for a one-year term, except that one member, selected by the President, may continue for a second year to maintain continuity of standards and procedures.