Past Meetings

2020 Meeting: Mt. Pleasant, MI, March 11-13;
President: Jan-Michael Hessenauer; President-Elect: Sara Creque Thomas; Secretary-Treasurer: Emily Martin.
Business meeting minutes – Draft 

2019 Meeting: Gaylord, MI, March 13-15;
President: Justin Chiotti; President-Elect: Jan-Michael Hessenauer; Secretary-Treasurer: Emily Martin.
Business meeting minutes 

2018 Meeting: Port Huron, MI, February 13-14;
President: Robin DeBruyne; President-Elect: Justin Chiotti; Secretary-Treasurer: William Keiper.
Business meeting minutes 

2017 Meeting: Mackinaw City, MI, March 14-16;
President: Ed Roseman; President-Elect: Robin DeBruyne; Secretary-Treasurer: William Keiper.
Business meeting minutes 

2016 Meeting: Grand Rapids, MI, January 24-27;
President: Brian Roth; President-Elect: Ed Roseman; Secretary-Treasurer: William Keiper.
Business meeting minutes

2015 Meeting: Bay City, MI, January 19-21;
President: Dan O’Keefe; President-Elect: Brian Roth; Secretary-Treasurer: William Keiper.
– Business meeting minutes

2014 Meeting: Holland, MI, February 24-26;
President: Patrick Hanchin ; President-Elect: Dan O’Keefe; Secretary-Treasurer: William Keiper.
– Business meeting minutes

2013 Meeting: Gaylord, MI, February 19-21;
President: David Clapp; President-Elect: Patrick Hanchin; Secretary-Treasurer: William Keiper.
– Business meeting minutes

2012 Meeting: Marinette, WI, February 8-9;
President: Geoff Steinhart ; President-Elect: David Clapp; Secretary-Treasurer: Dan Traynor.
– Business meeting minutes

2011 Meeting: North Central Michigan College, Petoskey, April 6-7;
President: Mark Tonello ; President-Elect: Geoff Steinhart; Secretary-Treasurer: Dan Traynor.

2010 Meeting: Ramada Inn, Grayling, February 24-25;
President: Troy Zorn ; President-Elect: Mark Tonello; Secretary-Treasurer: Dan Traynor.
– Business meeting minutes

2009 Meeting: Cabelas, Dundee, March 17-19;
President: Carl Ruetz III; President-Elect: Troy Zorn; Secretary-Treasurer: Dan Traynor.

2008 Meeting: Lake Superior State University, Sault Ste. Marie, March 3-5;
President: Andy Nuhfer; President-Elect: Carl Ruetz III; Secretary-Treasurer: Dan Traynor.
– Business meeting minutes

2007 Meeting: Pokagon State Park, Angola, IN (joint meeting with IN and OH chapters), February 13-14;
President: Todd Wills; President-Elect: Andy Nuhfer; Secretary-Treasurer: Holly Jennings.
– Business meeting minutes

2006 Meeting: East Lansing, March 6-7;
President: Todd Wills; President-Elect: Andy Nuhfer; Secretary-Treasurer: Holly Jennings.

2005 Meeting: Higgins Lake, RAM Center, Feb. 8-9;
President: Doug Workman; President-Elect: Todd Wills; Secretary-Treasurer: Holly Jennings.

2004 Meeting: Marinette, WI (joint meeting with Wisconsin Chapter), Jan. 20-22,
President: Jessica Mistak; President-Elect: Doug Workman; Secretary-Treasurer: Holly Jennings

2003 Meeting: East Lansing (joint meeting with AIFRB), March 6,
President: Jay Wesley; President-Elect: Jessica Mistak ; Secretary-Treasurer: Ellie Koon

2002 Meeting: Muskegon, March 5,
President: Kurt Newman; President-Elect: Jay Wesley; Secretary-Treasurer: Ellie Koon

2001 Meeting: Higgins Lake, RAM Center, March 5-6;
President: Bob Stuber; President-Elect: Kurt Newman; Secretary-Treasurer: Ellie Koon

2000 Meeting: East Lansing, March 6, President: Ed Baker;
President-Elect: Mary Fabrizio; Secretary-Treasurer: Ellie Koon

1999 Meetings: Mt. Pleasant, March 10; Clare, September 29;
President: Jim Peck; President-Elect: Ed Baker; Secretary-Treasurer: Ellie Koon.

1998 Meetings: East Lansing, March 13; Sault Ste. Marie, September 18;
President: Dan Hayes; President-Elect: Jim Peck ; Secretary-Treasurer: Ellie Koon.

1997 Meetings East Lansing, March 7; Grand Rapids, August 6;
President: Jim Johnson; President-Elect: Dan Hayes; Secretary-Treasurer: Kelley Smith.

1996 Meetings: East Lansing, March 8; Tustin, October 3-4;
President: Jacqueline F. Savino; President-Elect: Jim Johnson; Secretary-Treasurer: Kelley Smith.

1995 Meetings: East Lansing, March 10; Tustin, October 2;
President: Thomas N. Todd; President-Elect: Jacqueline F. Savino; Secretary-Treasurer: Jim Breck.

1994 Meetings: Ann Arbor, March 25: WaWaSum, October 21;
President: Rick Clark; President-Elect: Thomas N. Todd; Secretary-Treasurer: Jim Breck.

1993 Meetings: Lansing, March 5; WaWaSum, October 15;
President: Nancy A. Auer; President-Elect: Rick Clark; Secretary-Treasurer: Gary Whelan.

1992 Meetings: St. Ignace, April 3; Cadillac, October 9;
President: Joseph Kutkuhn; President-Elect: Nancy A. Auer; Secretary-Treasurer: Gary Whelan.

1991 Meetings: East Lansing, March 22; WaWaSum, October 3-4;
President: Patrick L. Hudson; President-Elect: Joseph Kutkuhn; Secretary-Treasurer: Thomas N. Todd.

1990 Meetings: Saline, April 6; WaWaSum, October 4-5;
President: Joan E. Duffy; President-Elect: Patrick L. Hudson; Secretary-Treasurer: Thomas N. Todd.

1989 Meetings: East Lansing, March 23; WaWaSum, October 6;
President: Donald L. Garling; President-Elect: Joan E. Duffy; Secretary-Treasurer: Andrew J. Nuhfer.

1988 Meetings: Saline, April 8; WaWaSum, October 7;
President: Neal Foster; President-Elect: Donald L. Garling; Secretary-Treasurer: Joan E. Duffy.

1987 Meetings: East Lansing, March 27; WaWaSum, October 2;
President: Gaylord Alexander; President-Elect: Neal Foster; Secretary-Treasurer: Joan E. Duffy.

1986 Meetings: Chicago, March 4-6; WaWaSum, October 3;
President: William Taylor; President-Elect: Gaylord Alexander; Secretary-Treasurer: Joan Duffy.

1985 Meetings: Ann Arbor, April 19; WaWaSum, October 4;
President: William Taylor; President-Elect: Gaylord Alexander; Secretary-Treasurer: Cynthia Tomcko.

1984 Meetings: East Lansing, March 19; WaWaSum, October 5;
President: Jim Diana; President-Elect: William Taylor; Secretary-Treasurer: Margaret Bostwick

1983 Meetings: Ann Arbor, April 15; Wolf Lake Fish Hatchery, October 14;
President: Harry Westers; President-Elect: James Diana; Secretary-Treasurer: Charles Hatcher.

1982 Meetings: Frankenmuth, April 16; Manistee, October 8;
President: Richard W. Hatch; President-Elect: Harry Westers; Secretary-Treasurer: Susan E. Baker.

1981 Meetings: East Lansing, April 3; Ann Arbor, November 6;
President: Robert C. Haas; President-Elect: Richard W. Hatch; Secretary-Treasurer: William Taylor.

1980 Meetings: Mt. Pleasant, March 28; Angola, IN, October 3;
President: Charles R. Liston; President-Elect: Robert C. Haas; Secretary-Treasurer: Richard W. Hatch.

1979 Meetings: Saline, March 16; Wheatley, Ontario, September 17;
President: Ronald J. Spitler; President-Elect: Charles R. Liston; Secretary-Treasurer: Richard W. Hatch.

1978 Meetings: Ludington, May 5; Muskegon, October 6;
President: Dora R. Passino; President-Elect: Ronald J. Spitler; Secretary-Treasurer: Robert C. Haas.

1977 Meetings: Midland, April 1; Monroe, October 14;
President: Howard C. Alexander; President-Elect: Dora R. Passino; Secretary-Treasurer: Ronald J. Spitler.

1976 Meetings: Higgens Lake, April 23; AFS Annual Meeting, Detroit, September 20;
President: Thomas R. Doyle; President-Elect: Howard C. Alexander; Secretary-Treasurer: Robert C. Haas.

1975 Meetings: Lansing, March 7; Ann Arbor, October 24;
President: Eugene W. Roelofs; President-Elect: Thomas R. Doyle; Secretary-Treasurer: Robert C. Haas.

1974 Meetings: Lansing, March 8; East Lansing, October 25;
President: Gerald P. Cooper; President-Elect: Eugene Roelofs; Secretary-Treasurer: Thomas R. Doyle.