Leonard Award

Past Award Recipients

Purpose: To recognize outstanding professional competence and achievement of a professional employed in the field of fisheries or aquatic biology in Michigan. The name of the award is in honor of Dr. Justin W. Leonard (1909-1975), Professor of Natural Resources and Zoology, University of Michigan.

Description: An award plaque of appropriate and attractive design, suitably engraved with the name of the recipient, is to be presented at the annual spring meeting of the chapter.

Eligibility criteria: Candidates for the award shall be (or shall have been) employed as a teacher, researcher, administrator, or any other professional capacity in fisheries or aquatic biology in Michigan during the period of accomplishment for which he or she is being considered for the award. The recipient may be retired but must be living at the time of selection.

Selection criteria: Candidates for the award may be nominated by any member of the Michigan Chapter. The deadline for submitting written nominations shall be two months prior to the annual meeting. The Committee will evaluate each candidate, paying particular attention both to the quality and the quantity of his or her achievements, as well as to the long-term significance thereof.

Frequency of Award: This Award should be made annually. The executive committee and past presidents committee can help to solicit nominations if they are not forthcoming.

The Justin W. Leonard Award Committee: This committee shall be a subcommittee of the Awards Committee and shall consist of a chairperson and up to four committee members. The committee shall be appointed by the Awards Committee Chair or the Chapter President and shall serve for a one-year term, except that two members selected by the President may continue for a second year to maintain continuity of standards and procedures.