15 Whitney Bay Sunrise

Whitney Bay, Lake Huron, photo credit: A. Miehls

The Michigan Chapter of the American Fisheries Society is a professional organization interested in maintaining high standards for the fisheries profession and ensuring conservation of Michigan’s aquatic resources. This web site is a source of information regarding the Michigan Chapter and its activities. The Michigan Chapter is an official chapter of the North Central Division.

The Michigan Chapter of the American Fisheries Society was founded in 1973 and serves about 400 members throughout the state. It is one of 54 local chapters across North America.

Members come from State and Federal agencies, Native American tribes, universities, and the private sector. The Chapter welcomes active participation from any discipline or citizen interested in aquatic resources.

The primary objectives of the Chapter are to provide a forum for discussion of fishery issues, increase the awareness of aquatic resource problems in the State, and allow networking of people with common interests. Activities of the Michigan Chapter revolve around annual meetings, continuing education workshops, newsletters, and the activities of twelve standing committees.

By participating in Chapter activities, members grow professionally, help protect our aquatic resources, have fun, and gain a sense of satisfaction in the process. We invite you to be a member. Annual dues for the Michigan Chapter are $10.00. To obtain a membership application, go to the Members page.