NCD Esocid Technical Committee

To encourage and coordinate research leading to the development of functional management strategies toward the wise use of Esocid stocks, to advance the knowledge of esocid ecology, and to provide a forum in which pertinent data and technologies can be exchanged within the scientific community and among user groups.

A Representative is to be elected by a Committee selected by the President and approved by the President. In addition, they may solicit other interested Chapter members, professionals, and students outside the Chapter for assistance. The North Central Division Esocid Technical Committee shall meet twice a year to carry out their agenda.

Current MIAFS Representative:
Addie Dutton


  1. Serve as a consulting group for the Chapter and management agencies, and act as a clearing house for issues and information on management regulations, research, or other topics of interest regarding centrarchids.
  2. Apply the recommendation of the North Central Division Esocid Technical Committee at a local level, and report back to the NCD Committee.