The Esocid Award

Purpose: To financially assist one or more students conducting research of interest to the Esocid Technical Committee (ETC).

Description: A travel grant of at least $250 from the ETC of the North Central Division of the American Fisheries Society for up to three students to attend the Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference.

Eligibility Criteria: The recipient(s) of this award must be currently enrolled in a college or university for an undergraduate or graduate degree program. Preference will be given to those involved in research of interest to the ETC.

Documentation required: An application letter that includes: student’s name, address, telephone number, educational institution, department, degree level, a short description of current research, reasons for wishing to attend the meeting (paper or poster presentation, pertinent paper session, sub-unit business and/or technical meetings), and reasons why financial assistance is needed.

Selection Criteria: The Executive Committee of the ETC will evaluate applicants based on the following criteria:

a. AFS involvement (reasons for attending the meeting).

b. Relevance of research to the goals of the ETC.

c. Number of applications and current funding levels.

Frequency of Award: The ETC will select up to three recipients. Multiple applicants from the same state will be handled at the ETC’s discretion.

Deadline: The deadline for receipt of completed applications by the ETC Scholarship Chair is January 20, 2022 to be eligible for the Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference and June 1, 2023 to be eligible for the National AFS Meeting.

E-mail application materials to: Jordan Weeks at with the subject line “Esocid travel award application”.